Nabil Abdat


Bypassing Port Security

On cisco switch there is a feature called port security, how port security works? port security will only allows specific mac addresses that already connect to switchport, if the mac didn't match, frame that sent by host through that switchport... Continue Reading →

Uncovering Hidden SSID

Here we go again, still on the attacking side. maybe when you go to whatever public places you will find some wifi access right? but some people decided to hide their SSID for some security reason, and usually they think... Continue Reading →

CDP Flooding

Yo wassup guys, back again with me, and still with yersinia. Today, I'd like to share something cool (again), and that thing is Flooding the Cisco Router. Why Cisco? CDP is one of cisco proprietary protocol (only in cisco), Why do... Continue Reading →

DHCP Starvation

Okay, what can we do with yersinia? I think yersinia is powerful tool that we can use to do Denial of Service (DoS) attack, especially againts Cisco Routers. Because there are so many kind of attack like taking over HSRP... Continue Reading →

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